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How to lose weight fast at Home

    How to lose weight fast     

How to lose weight 

INTRODUCTION- Friends, today's biggest problem is how to lose weight fast? And we have come up with a solution to this problem. In today's fledgling life, we do not pay any attention to our health at all, but we know that Health is Wealth is health. Even after knowing this, not paying attention to our own health at all is showing how careless we are to health. Today we will discuss this topic. Our today's post "Based on how to lose weight ?
Today we will learn about some of the remedies that we can reduce our weight by using.


Friends, it is not a difficult task to lose weight if we decide that we have to lose weight, we can do it, but this is needed for the right food. Most people are obese nowadays Everyone wants to lose weight but they do not get any effective way. If there is an effective way, then they do not work properly on that method. Remember to keep control of your eating habits while keeping weight lose. I do not say that with the methods given in the post, you can lose weight very quickly and without hard work. This is not exactly the case.

You will search on Google, "How to lose weight", you will get hundreds of results that claim to lose weight of 7 kg in 10 days but let me tell you that this claim is absolutely wrong. If 7 kg of weight is being reduced in 10 days by any measure, it can also be harmful to your body. It may not be that you make your body more sick by turning around to lose weight.


According to a study, every third child in the United States is suffering from obesity and soon it will be in our country too. Today we will discuss about the losses due to obesity, due to obesity, measures to avoid this, and this discussion will be based on scientific studies.

All facts in the discussion will be on scientific basis.
All the information given in this post is on scientific outlook, according to science, all these measures are effective if they are done properly.

How to lose weight


1. Use of Lemon and Honey - After getting up in the morning you should drink lemon or a spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water, together also, it should be noted that you do not have to eat or drink anything after 1 hour after drinking water. Lemon and honey water increase your metabolism. By which your calorie burn is helpful in reducing your weight, it has been found in many types of studies.


2. Exercise- Whether we lose weight or increase weight, exercise helps us in both tasks. By exercising, excess fat melts in our bodies and many bad substances are released through sweating in our body. In the forthcoming post, I will tell you about some yoga and rugs which will prove to be very effective in your weight loss.

3. Breakfast in the Morning - If morning breakfast is high in protein, then it is absolutely fine because the protein is more effective in reducing our body weight and has been proven in many studies. For more protein you can use eggs. If you do not want to eat the egg then you can take any high-protein substance instead.
You can also use potatoes and curd instead of egg.


4. Green Tea - Green tea is very beneficial for us. It has the properties of anti oxidant. If you want, you can also take sprouts with it.

5. Coffee- If you do not like Green Tea, you can also take a coffee in place of Green Tee. There is also the property of antioxidant in it. It proves to be very effective in weight loss. Studies show that this can increase 4% to 10% metabolism, which is very helpful for burning your fat. It can burn your fat from 10% to 26%. Remember that sugar is not mixed in it, if you do this then it will not be beneficial for you at all.

6. Almond - Almond A Healthy Poulysaturated and Monosaturated ingredient present in it reduce our appetite and it keeps our heart healthy as well.

7. Use of fruits and Vegetables in excess quantities - Fat and vegetables have very low fat and calorie intake and they contain enough amounts of vitamins and minerals. Which are very helpful in weight loss and it is also helpful in keeping us healthy.

8. Breakfast in the Morning - You should not take too much calorie food in the morning breakfast. You should also eat more than 100 calories to 120 calories, for that you can use fruits like apple, banana, cucumber, Anna, orange, or even grapes. Remember, excessive use of banana can increase your weight, so use it in small amounts only.


9. Gourd Juice - gourd is a nutritious vegetable but if its juice is drunk it can prove to be more beneficial. There is more amount of fiber which makes our stomach feel full. By which we eat less food, which is very helpful in reducing weight and keeping weight control.

10. Eating less fat - If we do low-fat food, then it helps us lose weight. We should mostly eat less fried food.

11. Cauliflower (Cabbage) - Many studies have shown that the weight of those people who use cabbage in the control remains in control. The ingredients found in cabbage do not allow fat to accumulate in our body. You can also use it as a salad.

12. Amount of water - If you are suffering from obesity then you should drink 8 to 10 class of water every day. Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water a day before eating it. This reduces your appetite. By which you can not afford more food.

13- Calorific Value - The amount of calories is based on your penis length and daily activity. If you are losing a woman and your weight, then you should take 1200 calories to 1500 calories throughout the day and if you are a male and are losing weight, then you should eat 1500 calories to 1800 calories. needed.


14- Mint - Mint is very beneficial in reducing weight. You can use it in any way you can use it in salad and can be used with whey. The elements present in the mint help a lot in reducing the stomach fat, hence you should add mint in your diet chart from today.

15. Pineapple- Pomegranate is found in bromine which reduces stomach fat and is also helpful in reducing weight, so you should also take diet pineapple in your diet.


For thousands of years people have been using Apple cider vinegar. It has many medicinal properties. The people used it as a health tannic.
The study has shown that it reduces the amount of blood sugar (sugar) which we get rid of the problem of diabetes and weight loss.
If you want to lose weight, then add it to your diet from today.


17. Fasting - Yes. Friends, Fasting is not only religious but also important in terms of weight loss, so we must have one or two fast in the week. It clears the dirt in our stomach, but while fasting you should not be hungry at all. You definitely need something or a little light. Many studies show that fasting is very helpful in reducing weight.

These methods will prove to be a panacea in your weight loss. You can reduce your weight by using these methods. In the forthcoming post, we will learn a few more ways that we can lose weight.


1. Gold for a long time.
2. Do not exercise or yoga of any kind in the morning.
3. Sitting for hours.

4. Eating while watching TV.

5. Using excessive junk food.

6. Make more fried food.

7. The phenomenon of metabolism.

8. Drink water immediately after eating.
Drinking water should not be taken immediately after eating. The digestive tract of our body dims, which causes excessive fat accumulation in the body and we become victim of obesity.

9. Do not be properly cleaned of stomach;

10. Problem of indigestion

11. Eating too much carbohydrate food.

12. Taking more of the medicines.

13. Genetic

14. Extremely lazy.

16. Stressful life

Obesity Losses -

1. Being obese tend to be thawing body.

2. Breath blossoming when running a little.

3. Increasing the chance of diabetes diabetes.

4. Get laziness in the body.

5. Destruction of Beauty.

6. Influence of digestive tract.

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If you have any questions about losing weight then you can ask your question in the comment.

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